About Me


    Art begins for me by seeing the world around me and reveling in its beauty. I am fascinated with light and the vast spectrum of colors that it invokes. There is no one red, blue or yellow, but a symphony of colors, each capable of merging and morphing into endless iterations and combinations. 

   A Tar Heel by birth and education, I spent my early years in eastern North Carolina, surrounded by its creeks, rivers, sounds and the ocean. I am drawn to the tranquility and black water reflections in that region’s cypress swamps. Spending time as an adult on the South Carolina coast has deepened my love of the ocean with its endless waves, and the area’s saltwater marshes. In addition to the motif of water, I experiment with depicting light’s effects on trees, flowers and the sky. 

In my studio with recent works

 As a child, I liked to doodle and carried that habit into adulthood filling up many agenda pages in meetings. But it was only in recent years after retiring as a tax and financial planning partner in a CPA firm and raising a family that I finally began to paint. As is often the case, I wish I had started this adventure many years ago, but wisdom is often wasted on the younger self.  

  I  have been fortunate to study with Andy Braitman, Curt Butler and Ann Harkness, and to attend workshops and travel with talented artists and teachers like Thomas Jefferson Kitts, Dreama Tolle Perry and Colley Whisson. My experience of painting is a joyous adventure where I'm set loose to explore and discover the possibilities.